Insurance : Types and Benefits


‘Insurance’ is a word that you must have heard before. Because nowadays, everyone Insurance his or her family members or favorite things. Everyone, from small shopkeepers to a businessman, a normal worker take Insurance, and it should be done.

But there are lots of people who do not know about Insurance properly and get confused thinking about which Insurance they should take and which not. And which type of insurance policy will be more beneficial for them.

So fellas today I am gonna tell you some basic and some important things related to Insurance in detail. Perhaps this article will make your doubt completely clear.

Know what Insurance is?

First of all, know what InsuranceInsurance is? See if I say in simple word, Insurance is such a thing in which an insurance company will give you or any other member of your family financially Guarantees and full support in case of any losses like illness, accident, or death.

For example, if you have got your own life insurance or if you meet an accident, then the life insurance company makes full compensation for your loss according to the rate of your policy and the terms & conditions of the company. Therefore, you should know the terms and conditions of the company before taking any company’s insurance policy. The higher the amount of insurance policy you take, the more compensation you will get.

Nowadays, almost everything is insured. In which the rate and rules of policies also differ.

Types of Insurance

Let us now talk about what are the types of Insurance. There are many types of Insurance, such as Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Vehicle Insurance, Accidental Insurance, Home Insurance, Travel Insurance, and all these advantages also Vary. The most popular of this Insurance is “Life Insurance.”

Let’s know a little bit about all these one by one.

1. Life Insurance, i.e. Life Insurance Scheme: –

Life insurance is done by most people for their family only so that their family can get financial support after they leave. What happens in this policy is that whichever person takes this policy, after their death, the member of their family or the person who has been nominated by them is paid according to the terms and conditions of the policy.

2. Health or Medical Insurance: –

The special thing about this policy is that if you get your health insurance, then when you fall ill, then the insurance company gives all the expenses of the hospital, including the operation, on you. A limited amount is deposited in such a policy. And Renew also has to read it every year.

One disadvantage of health insurance is that if you take this policy for a year for a fixed amount and if you do not have any disease in that year, then the insurance company will not refund you any money. And next year you will have to renew the policy by paying the same amount again. But still it is very important for every human being to take this policy, it will definitely benefit you. Because in today’s time, who can get the disease, and who cannot say anything?

3. Vehicle / Auto Insurance: –

To be honest, the vehicle, i.e., Auto Insurance, is equally important as Life Insurance and Health Insurance. Because almost everyone living in cities nowadays has a car or motorcycle/bike. And if you also have a car or motorcycle/bike, then it is necessary to get it insured.

Because you cannot say what happens when sometimes you can get an accident, or your car may be stolen. In such a situation, if you have taken your car policy, then the insurance company helps you to fix your vehicle or to compensate for your loss according to the policy’s policy.

But in some auto insurance schemes, third party policy is also done, in which insurance drivers can be claimed by drivers or pedestrians.

4. Accidental Insurance Scheme: –

The biggest benefit of getting an Accidental Insurance Policy is that if you have an accident or do not Bhagaban, you are Biklang, then you will not have to bear any expenses. According to the Nemo of your policy, the insurance company incurs all your expenses.

5. Home Insurance: –

Home insurance is the policy made in Home Insurance; according to your home and all the contents and structure of the house, a policy is made. In this, the insurance company compensates you in case of damage to both household or household items.

This insurance works for home damage such as house collapse, accident, theft of goods, fire, or any such inconvenience.

Apart from all these Insurance Policies, there are other policies like Travel Insurance, Farmer Insurance, Pet Insurance, Marriage Insurance.
I hope you will get some help from this article. If you want, you can also share this article with your friends. Thank you for taking your precious time to study.


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